2018 Group Instruction


Get Golf Ready (Golf 101) only…. $49

3 - 1 hour classes

This is where you start. It can be frustrating to start something new and have no clue what you are doing. For only $49… you may as well give golf a try!! This introductory class will arm you with the confidence to manage yourself around a practice area and get your career rolling. Be prepared to sign up for Golf 102 because you will discover you love golf!!

Week 1: Full Swing
Week 2: Putting
Week 3: Drivers

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Keep Golf Going (Golf 102) - $99

4 - 1 hour classes

Have you graduated from Golf 101 or taken golf classes in the past? Then goodbye 101 and hello 102! In this class you will get more in depth knowledge on the main parts of the game, including what is not covered in Golf 101. You will be armed with the knowledge you need to get out on the course. Schedule your Golf 103 or go straight to Golf 104 to really put it all together!

Week 1: Irons
Week 2: Chipping
Week 3: Long Irons & Hybrids
Week 4: On the Course!

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Play Time (Golf 103) – $39

If you have graduated from Golf 102, and are ready to get out on the course… Here is your perfect opportunity!  This is a 2 hour on the course session with other Golf 102 graduates or golfers who have been taking lessons and are ready to navigate the course. While playing on the course, you will learn pace of play, etiquette, basic rules, and other items that are best taught when you are PLAYING!  It includes your green fees, cart, and instruction with one of our MCG Instructors.

4 students per session

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Take Golf Further (Golf 104) – $149

5 - 1 hour classes and smaller class sizes

Alright… you have a feel for the course now… and you understand all the parts. Golf 103 is the class that will get everything connected. The last 15 minutes of each class will be Q&A to make sure you are completely course ready. Golf 103 is great for our Golf 101 & 102 graduates and those who have been learning and playing a bit but still feel like they are in the beginning stages. You can do this class over and over and always learn something new.  You will also find this class is the perfect opportunity to meet lifelong golf partners!

Week 1: Putting
Week 2: Chipping
Week 3: Sand & Pitching                 
Week 4: Drivers
Week 5: On the Course!

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