2018 MCG Academy Junior Programs



Half-Day Summer Camps

8:00-10:00am or 1:00-3:00pm (Falls Road)
9:00am-12:00pm at all other courses
$99 - $179 per week

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Our Half Day camps are designed for juniors that are just a bit to young or inexperienced to spend half of the day on the course but are excited to try golf and have fun! The half day camp gives juniors the opportunity to learn the basic aspects of golf through the use of games in a fun setting. Our goal for the half day campers is to begin the growth for each child's love of the game in hopes they will want to return to the golf course. The week ends with an awesome tournament on the course that will inspire them to get out and play again! Send them with a water bottle and equipment if they have it... otherwise we have clubs for half day campers to borrow.


Full-Day Summer Camps

9:00am – 4:00pm

$299 - $399 per week

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Our Full Day Camps are designed for juniors that already playing on the course and are looking gain even more experience. This is the perfect way to have fun playing more golf with their current and new golfing buddies. Mornings are spent building skills with other juniors by using games and friendly competitions that will keep kids engaged and having a blast. There are so many great golf activities and non-golf activities that we will use to build a well-rounded athlete. The afternoons of the full day camps are the best part! The kids will play on the course in teams using different tournaments formats. The pairings will change each day with some days being based on ability other days setup so kids meet new people. Juniors who sign up with friends will get to spend tons of time during the day with each other, but will not always be in the same groups.
Campers will carry their clubs each day and need to provide all their own equipment including clubs, balls, and tees. Send them with a water bottle and we will provide the lunch and fun!


Mini Camps

April through October evenings and weekends

$20 per class

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A weekly class to keep students involved in golf throughout the season.  Each week will have a different topic and kids will have an opportunity to practice golf while still in school. Classes run April through October.

Juniors sign up and pay for each month in advance